Company Profile

In the fall of 2001, after spending nearly 10 years designing and providing custom storage solutions for major industry, Kurt Geffe was ready for a new challenge. Interestingly, all it took was a visit to see a good friend’s new home.

His friend Scott owned a garage that featured high ceilings with little storage space on the sides or behind the family vehicles. He needed a way to store some large, bulky items that were not used often but also did not warrant paying a monthly fee for off-site storage. These included holiday boxes, keepsakes, yearbooks, kid’s clothes, toys and golf clubs.

Kurt immediately recognized a way to use his custom storage experience to produce an affordable industrial strength storage rack that could be suspended from the ceiling, freeing up valuable floor space. The ONRAX storage rack brand was born.

Today, customers of ONRAX immediately recognize and appreciate the industrial grade design, superior height range and unobstructed front access space of our most popular 4’x8′ unit, priced at under $300. The ONRAX units help keep wall and floor space clear so that cars, bicycles, gardening tools, pool equipment and even golf clubs do not have to compete for space.

ONRAX recently achieved a eighteenth straight record quarter and has already selected representatives for many of the major target markets nationwide. The company continues an aggressive national roll-out via the ONRAX website and its rapidly growing network of professional distributors and installers.

Garage storage is a big problem for many of homeowners. In many instances overhead garage storage is the answer. Wall and floor space has often been used, and this leaves only unused garage ceiling storage space available. ONRAX garage storage shelves provide up to 112 cubic feet of garage storage space per 4’x 8’ overhead storage rack. ONRAX garage storage racks are the strongest in the industry boasting a burly 800lb capacity. The ONRAX patented Enduro Deck provides a strong, secure and visually pleasing. Garage storage racks with Enduro Deck are easier to load and unload because of the smooth and uniform surface. Other garage storage products have uneven grid surfaces or inconvenient channels or lips that obstruct loading and unloading. The Enduro Deck system is also powder coated to match the rest of your ONRAX overhead storage shelf.